Network and Storage Protocols

NDMP backup over FC


We currently have NDMP enabled and are backing up CIFS, NFS storage over the ethernet.

I have a new FC only Tape library that will connect to FC switch to which the backup server will also be connected by HBA:


MLS4048<-->cisco 9124 FC switch <---> NetApp FAS2050




                   CommVault Backup Server HBA

How can i make sure (configure FAS) that the NDMP on NetApp will user FC to send data to tape instead going over the network like it is done now?




On the filer side set FC ports to initiator mode:

Then do the zoning & look into CommVault backup job configuration - it will either automatically discover 'directly' connected FC tape, or you will have to set this manually (this is my informed guess).




But even if CommVault detects FC tape library no problem how will i know that the FAS is sending all the data during NDMP backup to the Tape library directly through FC and not LAN (using CIFS interfaces through the network to the LAN interface of my backup server, and then through backup server HBA to the FC switch and tape library).


Run "sysstat -x 1" and you can see read/write to tape.  If it is backing up ndmp over ethernet to the host then it won't report any numbers... also a nice way to see how fast the backups are running to tape direct over fc.