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NDMP restore from tape with no target volume.....arhh its all in vol0


I just took customer through a bare metal restore of one node of a NetApp cluster, 4a and temp config then wrfile of rc and hosts and reboot.  Great all ok once licences loaded, where are they stored ?

Anyway when we stared restoring the data volumes from tape customer (ahem I mean me) forgot to pre-create the volume so restore started to restore data to vol0 instead with path;-

/vol/vol0/vol/datastore1  (it was an nfs datastore for VMware)  but we cant delete this dats from vol0, any ideas how to delete it ?



Can you not access vol0 via CIFS/NFS with admin /root permissions and delete it that way?


I can't tell you how many times this has happened within our team! It would be nice if the restore operation would fail if the target volume didn't exist rather than restore into vol0. As said, mount up vol0 on an admin host and delete.



Usualy i use CIFS and go to \\filer\c$

Then you need to RENAME the "vol" folder to anything else (e.g. vol -> aaa), then you can delete it like any other folder. You just cannot delete the folder when its named "vol".