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NFS Client on Windows 2012


Hi all,

I've setup some NFS exports on a FAS with cDOT 8.3RC1.

Everything working fine when accessing from Linux machine, but no way to access folders from windows 2012 machine with NFS client installed.

I saw that there were problems with version 8.2, but I supposed they're fixed in yhis version.

I tried with any possible export policy, with different protocols and permissions.

I also enabled showmount, in order to be able to see folders when doing \\ipaddress from windows, but no access anyway.

Is there anything specific that needs to be done on windows or netapp to make it work?



windows NFSv3 is still not supported on 8.3RC1. However, you can use 8.2.3 for this feature. You can enable it for the SVM plan to expose to Windows NFSv3 clients


Thanks a lot for your answer!

You mean that I can enable the previous version, 8.2.3, on the SVM that I use to server NFS exports to windows clients?

If so can you point me to the way to do this?

thanks again