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NFS SnapMirror Disaster Recovery


Hi everyone,


We are running two VMware clusters on two NetApp filers using SnapMirror async replication an VMware SRM.

As NetApp supports NFS as native protocol we want to use this as the prinicipal means to supply the home directories for Linux clients.

Is it possible to use a "floating" IP address between the NetApp filers that is switched (automatically) from the protected to the recovery filer at a failover so the virtual machines can use the same NFS mount commands irrespective of the location they are booted on?







What I can think about the "Floating IP" is the HA failover in Data ONTAP 7 mode and Logical Interface Failover in ClusterMode. Another DR technique is the metrocluster. But none of them seems to fit into your requirements, unfortunately.


What about letting the clients mount the NFS exports using the storage system's hostname - instead of IP address, and changing the DNS entry for that hostname during the DR operations or something like that?

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