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NFS access report


I have already done some search on this and found below topic which is pretty close to my requirement, but there was no real solution available and the discussion was pretty old:


My question is:


I have a NFS export on OnTap 7-mode as below:


/vol/test_vol     -sec=sys,rw,root=


I want to know which hosts have accessed it over NFS in say last 1 month.


Is it possible at all? If yes, how?


My apologies if this question has been already asked and answered.



Thank you so much SYNTAXERROR and satishkumar for taking time to respond. The thread you suggested above is really on the same topic, but the issue is that the "nfsstat -l" command provides below output which doesn't tell me anything about a particular volume/qtree/export:


===== vfiler0    <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 7619495490 ( 6%)    <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 6584754022 ( 6%)   <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 6237180171 ( 5%)   <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 6042870027 ( 5%)


What I need is who has mounted a particular volume/qtree/export.


"showmount -a <filername>" does work, but it also throws up lot of stale data. Hence the output isn't reliable unless validated otherwise.


Or are you talking about some other solution provided in that thread?


as far as i know, there is no way to get the last 1month record but current mount status can be recorded with the command "nfsstat -l".

It's similar to the cifs sessions which will give the current statistics report.