Network and Storage Protocols

NFS and iSCSI on same NICs


I have a 2240-2HA that requires CIFs, iSCSI and NFS.

Normally NFS would be setup using a LACP VIF on two NICs whilst iSCSI would require 2 separate VLANs with 1 NIC on each.

How can I make these two share the same two NICs thus leaving 2 NICs free for CIFs?

Is this a case for over lapping VIFs? Something I've never had to resort to in the past as normally I'd use either NFS or iSCSI for IP storage access and not both.



Though I'm not entirely clear what is being asked. I'll try to simply provide you a solution with FAS2240-2HA.

You have 4 Ethernet ports on each controller.

Now, you want to use 3 protocols : CIFS/NFS/iSCSI.

The question is how are the N/W for these protocols divided ?

Your question is : How can you share NFS/iSCSI on 2 NICs and have 2 NICs free for CIFS.

Answer : You can share 2 different VLAN's ( NFS & iSCS) on same LACP VIF by using VLAN Tagging feature. If that's what you are looking for.

Can you describe your architecture in more detail ?

Cheers !