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NFS becomes inactive during restoration ...


hey all,

We have 2 storages NFS1 and NFS2. We tried to restore one Vm on NFS2 using Netapp  . It took around 2 hours for restoration and at 1 hrs 45 mins the NFS became inactive and we could not accessed it . It then automatically become online . My query is :

1)Could this happen because of restoration as 800 GB was free .

2)When restoration was taking place and we were refreshing the NFS we could not fetch any data.Does this imply that our storage is slow in processing ??

3)If the NFS became inactive then how could the restoration task be completed .



Can you share more details about your setup and what operation you were performing.


It all depends up on your network, method used for restore and number of streams the filer is supporting. The practice guidelines are use the VSC for backup and restore operations. thank you,


practically the same situation. Can add that simple operation with rapid clone takes to much time. 40 GB VM about 4.5 hours.

don't think it is network, because all operations like this, or at least in our case via VSC usually are done locally on the filer.

Vmware 5, 2240-4, 8.1 7mode, NFS, VSC 4.0

during VSC restoration on Vshere all nfs storages become inactive/unmounted, waited several hours, had to restart filer, and clear restore task.

Created case. There are several situation on forums but with older systems and VSC 2.x.x. the only solution was to upgrade VSC

As I understand operations via VSC like:

rapid clone on the same filer



are using benefits from WAFL and take only minutes to be done.

seems VSC has some problems