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NFS default export - can this be changed to a custom setting?


A NFS customer would like to change the default export for when you create a volume from the open setting that comes with a filer to a more locked down custom setting.

The way thery manage their filer means they create new volumes regularly and then have to stop the open export, create their own locked down export and change the export.

I know we can stop the auto export 🙂




You can just turn off the default export ....

by this options off

But change the default settings to this, i have never show this tye of custom ...



Probably not exactly what you're after, but a viable option might be;

- turn off that export option you mentioned (options I believe)

- use a script to provision the volume and export the locked down NFS mount


vol create volume1 aggr1 1000g

vol options volume1 no_atime_update on

vol options volume1 convert_ucode on
vol options volume1 create_ucode on
vol options volume1 nosnapdir on
exportfs -io rw="" /vol/volume1
or, if your client uses netgroups to provision NFS access;
exportfs -io ro,root=@trusted,rw@friendly /vol/volume1


Ross, if you want to export a qtree, instead of the volume, do you need to change the default export? Or just lock it down?

ie create qtree called /vol/volume1/volume1 and then reference /vol/volume1/volume1 instead of /vol/volume1 when accessing the export from hosts.