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NFS file ownership change, or map UID to root


Hello colleagues,

I face to specific issue with file ownership on NFS mounts. We have NFS mounts (contains volumes for TSM server) mounted to unix host. Current file owner is root. We have to migrate TSM to new server, and we cannot use root anymore - TSM server will run under another specific UID / GID. 

So now I look for most simple and effective way, how to make those NFS mounts work properly with another UID than owner (root). How to change file ownership (if possible due to SLC), or somehow map this specific TSM UID to root.

Problem with changing ownership might be for some mounts, that are from volume with snaplock compliance enabled, as I assume.

Does anyone can help me with this problem please?



You can squash all UIDs to root via exports. Set superuser=0 and use the auth_none security for rw/ro/root. That way, anyone who mounts/accesses the volume will become "anon" and then squash to root.


TR-4067 covers this scenario for cDOT.


Page 31 starts the pertinent info.