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Native vlan ports show degraded after upgrade to ONTAP 9.13.1



I have a couple of new A400 systems. After upgrading them to Ontap 9.13.1.P1 I noticed that the health was degraded on the link aggregation port and the member ports.


There are an KB about this, Native vlan ports show degraded after upgrade to ONTAP 9.13.1 - NetApp Knowledge Base


But I don't understand how to solve it, should I create a "native vlan" in the Cisco switches config for the lacp Etherchannel?

I seems to just be a cosmetic problem, I can ignore the health status (net port modify -node <node> -port <port> -ignore-health-status true)


This is the status today for one of a new cluster (not in production). 

Should the ifgrp ports (a0a, e0e, e0f) be in a broadcast domain? 


cl05::> network port ifgrp show -node cl05-01
Port Distribution Active Node IfGrp Function MAC Address Ports Ports
-------- ---------- ------------ ----------------- ------- -------------------
cl05-01 a0a ip xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx full e0e, e0f


cl05::> network port show -node cl05-01

Node: cl05-01
Speed(Mbps) Health
Port IPspace Broadcast Domain Link MTU Admin/Oper Status
--------- ------------ ---------------- ---- ---- ----------- --------
a0a Default - up 1500 -/- degraded
a0a-10 Default vlan-10 up 1500 -/- healthy
a0a-12 Default vlan-12 up 1500 -/- healthy
a0a-18 Default vlan-18 up 1500 -/- healthy
a0a-1905 Default vlan-1905 up 1500 -/- healthy
a0a-20 Default vlan-20 up 1500 -/- healthy
a0a-51 Default Default up 1500 -/- healthy
e0M Default Default up 1500 auto/1000 healthy
e0e Default - up 1500 auto/10000 degraded
e0f Default - up 1500 auto/10000 degraded
e0g Default - down 1500 auto/- -
e0h Default - down 1500 auto/- -
e3a Cluster Cluster up 9000 auto/100000
e3b Cluster Cluster up 9000 auto/100000
14 entries were displayed.


cl05::> network port reachability show -node cl05-01
Node Port Expected Reachability Reachability Status
--------- -------- ------------------------------------ ---------------------
a0a - no-reachability
a0a-10 Default:vlan-10 ok
a0a-12 Default:vlan-12 ok
a0a-18 Default:vlan-18 ok
a0a-1905 Default:vlan-1905 ok
a0a-20 Default:vlan-20 ok
a0a-51 Default:Default ok
e0M Default:Default ok
e0e - no-reachability
e0f - no-reachability
e0g - no-reachability
e0h - no-reachability
e3a Cluster:Cluster ok
e3b Cluster:Cluster ok