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Need help redirecting workstations from Win2003 CIFs share to Netapp CIFs share


Hello, we have an old Win 2003 server with a CIFs share that needs to be redirected to a Netapp CIFs share.  User workstations are running a program that has the path coded into it, such as \\win2003server\autocad\.  We want to decommission this old server and use a Netapp CIFs share instead.  Is there a way on the Netapp to force one of its shares (\\vserver\sharename\autocad\) to be mapped as the old \\win2003server\autocad\, that way the old server could be shut off but client workstations pointing at the old location are redirected to the Netapp share? 

We are running C-mode 8.2P3.

Thanks in advance.



We have several old server names in DNS that point to the Netapp CIFS vfiler's IP address for exactly this reason. It works fine.