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Negotiated failover


Hie everybody,

I try to enable negotiated failover in order to failover my nic on my FAS2020A system.

I have set this line on my two /etc/rc file

options cf.takeover.on_network_ interface_failure on

So in my /etc/rc file i have :

ifconfig vif-nas-1 10.x.x.1 netmask partner 10.x.x.2 -nfo

So when i disconnect two nic on my vif, nothing appear. No FAILOVER.

Have an idea ?

Thanks a lot



Take the "-" dash out... -nfo means no negotiated failover and nfo means failover...


Grrr ! No Failover for the "-" ...

I'll test this tomorrow Thanks a lot


Ok. So today i test this :

ifconfig vif-nas-1 10.x.x.1 netmask partner 10.x.x.2 nfo

So when i unplugged ethernet link, no failover !

Don't work ...

Have an idea ?


I am to fast.

So after modifying the -nfo to nfo, failover is working.

But, takeover arrive after loose 15 ping ... Is it normal ? Is it possible to change this ?

Thanks a lot



I assume you want to see if you will get loss of data when a failover occurs? If so instead of a PING test why dont you

start copying a large file, then initiate a failover and see how the file copy goes. It shouldnt fail. this will be a better

test for this type of purpose.




Try to copy a large file, copying failed. With a ping in parallel i loose 16 ping, so for me it's logical to failed file transfer ...


About 60 seconds. No way to modify I know of.

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Hello ademuynck,

There is a brief detection delay as it detects that the link has failed before it starts the failover. In general, on a decently loaded filer it will take at worst ~30-60 seconds to complete the failover, in general its between 10-30 seconds. On heavier loaded filers the delay may be greater. The 15 or so lost pings you see is fairly normal.

If you're using CIFS, then yes the file transfer will likely fail. However, if you are using FCP, iSCSI or NFS and you have ran the host configuration scripts your I/O should only be delayed temporarily and resume once connectivity is restored. If you haven't ran the host configuration scripts then you may encounter some problems depending on what the default timeout values are.

Best Regards,

Adam S.