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NetAPP OID description


Is there a document available from NetAPP with a description of the available MIBs/OIDs?

for example there is this MIB (SnapMirrorState) it returns a table of values, so far I have seen 1 & 2.

What are the returned values? I am unable to find a document that tells me that information. System Admin Guide, protocol guide.

For example Dell publishes their MIBs and descriptions

It seems that NetAPP want to use traps and I would like to avoid that if possible.




The documentation is on the Support site, arranged by ONTAP version:


If you look inside the /etc/mib/netapp.mib file, all of the descriptions are included. Then you can cross reference the OIDs listed in the /etc/mib/traps.dat file. These files are found on each controller and as mentioned above are OnTap specific.


v3ccFsinfos                     OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX                          Counter32

        MAX-ACCESS                      read-only

        STATUS                          current


   "The number of NFS Version 3 calls received

    for the NFSPROC3_FSINFO (Get Static File

    System Information) procedure, that did not

    result in the filesystem blocking to read

    from disk, since the last time the statistics

    were cleared."

Link to the KB doc talking about cross referencing the two.