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NetApp 8.0P3 - random CIFS locked files


As we are progressing with our Windows 7 deployments, we've noticed that some of our users are complaining that they cannot open documents on a CIFS share.

The error message is the standard MS Office warning, that the file is locked by someone else.

It's random, and it doesn't happen all the time, but considering the amount of users, it's becoming a problem.

Computer Mgmt->Open files does not list these files in use.

A solution is to go to the NetApp filer and do lock break -f "whatever".

This doesn't happen with XP users, only with Win 7 users. Googling doesn't help as well. There are some posts that 7.3.2 or whatever helped them. But we are on 8.0P3.

We opened a case with NetApp and they suggested that we go to 8.0P3 which we already have. They are still researching.

I know that the issue might be in Win7, but does anyone have these issues as well?




8.0P3 is really old now; do you have any reasons to not upgrade to the latest stable 8.0.2P6?

But we have these problem also in pure Windows environment, without any NetApp involved, so I suspect this is Microsoft issue.



did you find a solution of the problem?`


Often these issues are related to MS office I  would recommend upgrading office to the latest Service pack


well office is in the latest service pack, but this "problem" happens not only with Office Files. Also with .exe for example. unter winxp it was possible to change .exe files in a share while users were working with, and now no longer possibile because file is in use.