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NetApp FAS2040 upgrade


Morning all

We are looking to upgrade our FAS2040 SAN with an additional (2nd) controller. NetApp no longer supports this unit regarding HW/License upgrades so I need to determine if I purchase a controller from an Off Lease Pulled unit, can I just install to my FAS2040, or do I need to purchase licenses or software to integrate into our live systems. At this point I need to add SAS HD as well and it would be beneficial to tie the new HD to the second controller. Any insight is appreciated!!

Thank you




Hi Ron,

I believe you'd have to purchase licenses for the additional controller. Not sure what you mean by "off lease pulled unit", but my guess is it's out of support? If so, that might bring more issues. I think your local NetApp representative/partner would be in a better position to inform you what options are available, but my experience with EOL systems is that NetApp generally don't want to deal with them under any circumstance other than supporting already existing systems with valid support contracts.

Good luck!