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NetApp cDOT to cDOT CIFS Migration


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I have a need to migrate a CIFS server from one cDOT cluster to another cDOT cluster.  The company is moving their corporate  CIFS server to another location which has a new cDOT system that they want to utilize.  To keep the DNS names and IPs the same at the new location, would like to just migrate or "failover" the current CIFS server to the other cDOT system.  Has anyone had any experience doing this with cDOT to cDOT?


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It sounds like what you are looking for is the new SVM DR feature of cDOT 8.3.1 (currently at RC1).  Otherwise, you would be able to use SnapMirror to move the data but would have to setup the LIFS and shares manually.  We are just starting to test 8.3.1, but I would not suggest running RC code on your production clusters quite yet.