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Netbios use or not?


Hi,  we are trying to eliminate use of NetBIOS in our customer DOMAINS. However, the wintel guys don't know if they use it.

After reading today I was under the impression if they use AD/DNS there is no need for NetBIOS?


If anyone can enlighten on this or have a good document that would be great - thanks.


Also I'm unclear as to what the below means: is-nbns-enabled" FALSE mean that it is off for both settings?


vserver               is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled           is-nbns-enabled

svm1                   true                                                            false                                              domain A

svm2                   false                                                           true                                               domain B





You are correct, since you are using AD/DNS there is no need to use NetBios name service. I was not able to find some document or article for further clarification but you can check the below documentation:


As for the settings ( is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled &  is-nbns-enabled) is set to either false or true per vserver (svm).

In the example provided, vserver svm1 have the is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled setting set to true which is enabled and the "is-nbns-enabled" setting set to false which is mean is not enabled. The vserver svm2 has the options set the opposite.

Below command can help you change both options:


vserver cifs options modify -vserver <vserver name> -is-nbns-enabled <true/false>

vserver cifs options modify -vserver <vserver name> -is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled <true/false>





Thanks. Netapp support advised me if  "is-nbns-enabled" is FALSE then NetBiOS cannot be in use on the SVM. So even if

is-netbios-over-tcp-enabled is True given that the other setting is FALSE then NetBIOS cannot be in use.


However, I have found the above isn't the case. I still see NetBios being used:


vserver cifs session show -instance -node * -vserver SVM1 -protocol-version *


EG: Session ID: 9569304783xxxxxxxxx
Connection ID: 3725xxxxxx
Incoming Data LIF IP Address: 172.24.xx.xx
Workstation IP Address: 10.xx.xx.xx
Authentication Mechanism: Kerberos
User Authenticated as: domain-user


NetBIOS Name:  xxxxxxxxxx


If anyone can help - much appreciated.