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ONTAP SVE 7.2.1S10 has been released!


I'm suprised this has not been posted yet. Come and get it. If anyone has already installed it please let me know your experiences.



Just saw this as well. According to the release notes on page 4, the bug fixes are...

Bug ID Description

89986 File I/O prevents writing to system files when it is holding the file lock.

181892 Time zone files keep changing, so a method for updating time zone files without reboot or Data ONTAP upgrade is required.

211193 Stale CIFS SID cache entries are displayed under some circumstances.

232530 Domain user authentication causes minor memory leak.

234554 Network Information Service (NIS) server outage might cause some NFS clients to loop attempting to authenticate.

239265 The access control list (ACL) specified with CreateFile WIN32 Application Program Interface (API) is interpreted incorrectly.

269081 UNIX® to Windows® user mapping fails to get the complete list of domain groups.

and this note...


This release includes a new version of Data ONTAP; all other S family software

applications are same as in the previous release.

I'm kind of disappointed that they are still not supporting Server 2008.



Could you please pass the URL as I did not see it on the site.




It is not currently on the Storevault support site. I'm not sure that they're keeping that updated anymore (obviously since this release is not there). I found the new release on the NetApp support site at...

Go there and login and you should be good to go.