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OnComand System manager show 0 size in Lun.


I have oncomand system manager 2.2 Ontap ver 8.1.3.

I noticed that oncomand system manger shows that 0 space left on lun and it used 100.16 %.

I looked at the lun at cli  >lun show -v and it shows occupied size as same on the oncomandsystem info.

Lokked at the snapdrive and windows2008 diskmanager an noticed that there is a free space on the disk at the windows OS level.

I resized the lun using the sanpdrive to whether OnComand system Manager gets this info and noticed that there is no change in the oncomand system manger, that is , still shows as 0 space left.

Is there any fix to make that oncomadsystem manager shows the correct info same as the windows os size?



If you do a Thick (uncheck quick) Format of a lun in Windows - it will write 0's to all the blocks and the Netapp will see this as writes to the disk and mark it as 100% full.

This 100% is how much of the allocated blocks on the SAN are being used by the lun - it is not a representation of how much free space is available from the (Windows) hosts perspective.

Also if the lun was 100% full at some point and you deleted some data, it will still show as 100% used from the SAN.

If you use snapdrive you could use the space reclaimer to claimback free blocks from a thin provisioned lun - not sure if this works for a thick provisioned lun.