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Online migration from 32bit to 64bit aggr?


I'm looking to migrate my 3140 filer from 32bit to 64bit aggr that host LUN and CIFS data. Is an online move possible with ndmpcopy or snapmirror? I'm trying to make this as least intrusive to my users as possible. 



I've was able migrate a few vfilers hosting cifs and nfs data from 32 to 64 bit aggrs using QSM (as VSM is not supported). Here is what i did... wasn't ndu but, was pretty quick and didn't feel too much pain.


- Created aggr0 on the destination as 32bit (aggr0 is where i keep all root volumes for all my vfilers)

- Created all required volumes on 64bit aggrs

- Create the required QSM relationships

- Created a VSM between of my source vfiler root vol and the destination vol on the 32bit aggr0


- Stopped the source vfiler

- Ran final QSM update on all relationships

- Removed all volumes from the vfiler

- Started a 'vfiler migrate' on the destination (vfiler root vol the only volume)

- Ran 'vfiler migrate complete' (vfiler now on new storage)

- Add all required volumes living on 64bit aggs to the vfiler

This cut me over fast and effectively. but to get to the point, QSM was the best option.... ndmp is way too slow and isn't the greatest replication protocol for migration unless absolutely required.

Anyways, hope this helps.