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Ontap 8-7 Mode NFSv4 and CIFS multiprotocol access


Is there a guide about what to do to get NFSv4 w ACL and CIFS multiprotocol access to the same share? The Filer is bound to a AD domain with MS's MSFU installed, so every user has UNIX uid/gid attributes (RFC 2307 and the MS attributes).

The Filer's security view of CIFS sessions seems to map my test user to uid 65536, on the NFS side of things an NFS v4.1 client shows 4294967294/4294967294 as uid/gid. Any hints?

It sould be noted that all unix users have the same username for CIFS access, so no username mapping has to be performed.



To my knwoledge this strange uid/gid is due to NFS4 design where it doesn't sends user/group names in nfs calls and uses only uid/gid without any domain name (check the netapp library for TR on NFS4)

To solve the issue go through this checklist.

Have you configured LDAP on your filer and unix systems?

What is the nfs domain value on filer and does it matches with your unix system?

Does your ldap query on filer and unix maps with same uid/gid to name?

If you don't have LDAP configured you can also use /etc/password file on filer to add UID/GID details.