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Oplocks and Roaming/Mandatory Profiles



We recently migrated a Windows file server to a vfiler running on a pair of FAS3160s (OnTAP After performing the cutover, we noticed extremely poor login performance for our XP lab workstations that are using mandatory (read-only) roaming profiles.  We were seeing errors such as this: [cifs.oplock.break.timeout:warning]: CIFS: An oplock break request to station aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd() for filer VFILER, share Profiles, file \ProfilePath\Application Data\blah\blahblah\blah.xml has timed out, and through Performance Advisor noticed that the 'other_latency' counter spiked extremely (>100,000 microseconds) high on the volume hosting the profiles qtree.  Read/Write latency, however, was low/negligible.

Despite everything we've heard about oplocks *improving* performance, we disabled oplocks for the Profiles qtree, and the performance problems immediately ceased.

We're wondering:

1) If anyone else has come across a similar problem and

2) What 'other_latency' really means through Performance Advisor






I have experienced similar issues to those you described and found that the following hotfix resolved;

Access to a redirected folder or a home drive disconnects regularly on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

I have also had issues with NetApp filers replacing Windows servers with the same name when folder redirections and offline folders were already in use then I have had to reinitialise the offline file cache due to clients randomly disconnecting and reconnecting, and appearing to lose documents.

Hope this helps



Hi edombroski. I'm seeing the same things as you. Did you find out what the other_latency was? Is performence now good with oplocks disabled?


You are also running about a 2 year old release (albeit with some patches).  You might want to check the fixed bugs list against a release of a bit newer vintage... You can find release comparisons for bugs on the NOW site... should be 500 or so fixed since ...