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Optimal CIFS settings for Integrating Mac® OS



I am trying to find  what the optimal CIFS  settings should be  now that our business has been infultrated  by a dozen Apple Macbooks and iMacs.

I have found   TR- 3472  Integrating Mac® OS and NetApp Storage  March 2006 but I was hoping to find something more uptodate , in particular that  addresses OSX 10.6 (Snow Lepard).

My problem is that  the Mac Books and iMacs are being used by  the "C-Suite"  in our organisation and they are getting  a poor browsing experience  when trying to access  file shares on our  FAS3140A.

I am currently running  ONTAP 7.3.3.





Hi Richard,

We have the same issue as you do, with about 400+ Macs in our environment, accessing files on the filers via CIFS. I found the following from

So far, we have tested on a few Macs and there's definitely some improvements for us.

We have users often complain that opening/saving large (50MB+) Adobe Creative Suite files are slow, and sometimes they get corrupted.



A previous contributor (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent another suggestion for slow SMB file sharing in Snow Leopard. He suggests turning off "notify" in /etc/nsmb.conf:

As I said before I think we are seeing some different things happening. Some people are saying slow SMB share mounting, slow SMB browsing on shares, etc.

Personally my issue is slow browsing on the SMB shares and I may have just gotten the fix or at least a workaround. I have tested it and so far no slow browsing like I had before.

Can try adding "notify_off=yes" to the /etc/nsmb.conf file.


sudo echo "[default]" > /etc/nsmb.conf
sudo echo "notify_off=yes" >> /etc/nsmb.conf

I don't know if this will help everyone or not, but hopefully it does!