Network and Storage Protocols

Oracle VM 3.3.3 on iSCSI


Hello, our customer wants to migrate his VMs on Oracle VM from FAS2020 and NFS to a FAS2552 cDOT 8.3.2 and iSCSI pool. They have OVM 3.3.3 and, as far as I can see from the IMT, this version is only supported on FCP. 


They have experienced poor performance on the NFS environment, so they want to try it on iSCSI, but we are not sure whether to tell them to go ahead and migrate to the iSCSI pool. Is this protocol out of the IMT just becasue it hasn't been tested or it actually doesn't work?. Has anyone had experience with OVM 3.3.3 and iSCSI? Should we talk the customer out of this migration?


If they migrate to the FAS2552 on NFS, what would the caveats be? Is it supported? Any recommendations on this will be very helpful. 







Don't use qtrees in the volumes.

This is a major issue and I am currently broken at the moment.

Also, modification of the showmount program may be necessary. It was necessary on a previous release of CDot but I am unsure if it is currently neccessary.