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Permissions issues with HomeDir


We are trying to setup the Homedir function with our NetApp.  Everything works when the USERS directory (Root) is given Everyone Access Full Control.  If we remove the access or set as read only the system does not work.   It appears the NTDOMAIN setting for the users directories work when looking for shares by individuals.  I can set \\netapp2\%username% and the drive will map.

It is definitely seems to be a permissions issue with login script being able to execute.

We run a syslogin.bat in a shared folder on the DC (sysvol\...\...\...) that all of the DC’s share.  The file references three commands.

Net time command

Call of a tools.bat file (setup for internal tools)

Call of \\netapp2\users\%username%\usrlogin.bat

Without the users having full control, we are unable to run usrlogin.bat.  We were able to setup the login script to also run \\netapp2\%username%\usrlogin.bat but the USERS directory had group everyone full control set.

At a loss, what else do we need to try?




I'm not sure I understand the problem.  You can easily leave the share permissions to "everyone / Full Controll".  The rights on the individual directories and files will prevent others from changing files that don't belong to them.

"cifs_homedir" functionality just requires that you setup where the home directories are on the filer in cifs_homedir.cfg.  If you need admin rights to see the directories, there's an option for that.  You can also setup an administrative share to point to the volumes and qtrees where the user directories are.