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Problem when connecting vFiler to ActiveDirectory



I have created a vFiler and now i want to connect it to my Active Directory. But I don´t now how, please help.

And how do set permission to a vFiler?

Can I taker owner ship ower a share wiht a group?




When you change into the vfiler shell (with the vfiler context command) are you able to ping the Domain Controller in the AD?

If yes, and you have a CIFS licence, run "cifs setup" in the vfiler shell to join the vfiler into the AD.

You can connect with the Windows Computer Management MMC to the vfiler and create shares and modify sharelevel ACLs.

If the volumes/qtrees have NTFS security style, you can laso connect to the shares and administer the file/directory ACLs.

Otherwise, check documentation on


I colud ping the vFiler from command prompt, i don´t now how to edit it from the vFiler Shell. Don´t now how to connect to the vFiler.

I have other vFilers which works and i can manage them with MMC. Our previous vFilers have a consultant set up for us.


With DNS setup, Peter is right on... just run cifs setup.  The issue is no gui to configure like vfiler0, so a little more work (unless you use provisioning manager to do all the initial setup but a lot of screen clicks).  You can run "setup -d vfiler" to setup dns, but I recommend checking if it is set first then manually set "vfiler run options dns.domainname" and dns.enable option and edit etc/resolv.conf.  The key thing is to edit or wrfile the vfiler root volume etc which you can identify with vfiler status -a or -r.