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Probs speed windows 7 x64, windows xp, server 2008 r2 FAS2020


Hello to everybody,

we have a fas2020 with ontap and we have speed problems when we copy to and from a netapp cifs share.

We have a mixed environment with windows 7 x64 clients, windows xp x32 clients and 2008 r2 servers.

I am unsure which smb version our fas uses (I guess not smb 3.0 😉 ). So can anybody please tell me:

- which command to find out the smb version of the fas (smb1 or 2)?

- is it a known problem and is there any known solution?

- which is the latest smb version for fas2020 and ontab 7.3 (no more support on that fas) and how can we activate it?

Thank you very much,

best regards,





with ontap 7.3 you have smb2, "options cifs.smb2.enable on"

to increase sequential throughput you have to increase the TCP windows size, its in the "options cifs" as well. be aware that after increasing the window size you need to "cifs terminate; cifs restart" and reboot your client to be 100% sure all is fine.

usualy i do not recommend on doing so as speeds of 40 to 60mb are just fine and its more important to offer plenty of clients average speed then a single client full speed.


Dear Mr. Glodde,

thanks for the fast reply. I have an additional question:

If I haven´t done a cifs terminate and restart after enabling smb 2.0, is it possible that in this case no client can connect any more to the cifs shares?

I will give it this weekend a try.

Again thank you very much,

best regards,


Bernd Hirschmeier


hi bernd,

if you enable smb2 all new connections will be smb2 (if requested by an smb2 client of course), all "old" sessions will remain smb1 until next connect.

if a client is not able to speak smb2, he will auto fallback to smb1, no problem.

you only need the cifs terminate/restart for increasing the tcp window size.