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Qtree CIFS share with quota assigned, not showing correct size




I've a quick question regarding quotas. Namely, I have a 5GB test volume where I created a test qtree (qtree1), which I shared out as a CIFS share. I placed a 100MB quota on that same qtree and initilized quotas for the underlying volume.


netapp> rdfile /etc/quotas
/vol/test_share_vol/qtree1      tree    102400K -       -       -       -


netapp> quota status test_share_vol
test_share_vol: quotas are on.


netapp> qtree status test_share_vol
Volume   Tree     Style Oplocks  Status
-------- -------- ----- -------- ---------
test_share_vol          ntfs  enabled  normal
test_share_vol qtree1   ntfs  enabled  normal


Simple enough.


But when I map the created share as a network drive, it shows 5 GB available.




The quota limit kicks in at the 100MB limit, yes.


However, I need deploy several "department disks" and I plan to do so by creating several qtrees on the same volume (easier management, better deduplication) and it would nice if the users can see the actual qtree quota utilization through Windows Explorer.


What am I missing? (DOT 8.1.3, Windows 7, WIndows 8.1)






Hi Ignor,

The best way to manage the quota for your users is by setting quota notifications.

Quota notifications are sent to event management system and also can be configured as SNMP traps.You can set soft limits and hard limits for the user.You can resize the quota upon receiving the notification.


The information in /etc/quotas are not passed on to the CIFS clients,hence I doubt on the possibility of viewing it through windows explorer.




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Hello Deepuj,


I know about quota notifications, but that's more about monitoring and alerting.


My question is how can I make a qtree with a defined qtree quota present itself to Windows machines as a network drive (CIFS share), with the capacity allocated by the qtree quota?


For instance, when home folders are used in conjunction with user quotas, the users are presented with network drive of the capacity which corresponds to their appropriate user quota. 




I think I just answered my own question. Quota management guide did say: "Quota calculation of NTFS qtrees is always allocated to the user’s Windows SID." 


P.S. As amuzing at it may sound, my name is not Ignor... 😉

Hi Igor,

Sorry about the typo:)
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