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Question about copying a volume or converting


Basically I have a volume created with data on it. I just got my cifs license and would like use the cifs share in place of the volume. As I understand it the volume has a signature assigned and I will need to copy all the data to the new share. I would rather just share this data out rather then having users go through a host server iscsi connection which is connected to the current lun. What are my options?





Just to clarify on your question, so do correct me if I am wrong at any point.

It sounds like today, you have a host sharing out data via an iSCSI attached LUN.

That LUN attached to a host (windows?) is loaded with data which your users are accessing today via a share hosted off of this machine?

So, if that is the case, it also sounds like you want to take that data which resides inside of the LUN and make it available over CIFS for your users to access.

If this is indeed the scenario you're under - you have a number of options and ways to get your data from the Host/LUN over to a volume which has been enabled for CIFS and shared out for your users.

You can do a basic file copy, using "copy", "xcopy", "roboycopy (preferred)" or "SecureCopy (another preferred)"

And then there are more complicated routes based upon the amount of data you'd be handling in a migration scenario.

If indeed you'd be going the more complicated route - let me know and I can let you know which routes may be most applicable given your circumstances.

(Routes going to other extremes like using VFM, RepX and other products sound like overkill if I'm understanding your scenario correctly)

Let me know if this helps, and if I am understanding your situation correctly, and if these routes are inline with what you're thinking.

At any event, we can be certain to address all of your concerns and get you rolling on a successful use of your new CIFS license.

Take care,