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Quick question about CIFS


Hi All,

This is the first time I´m using CIFS service with a filer (mostly iSCSI and NFS) until now...

I want to add the filer to the client's Active Directory.

My question is this:

I already have the filer serving NFS exports to his vSphere boxes. Now, if I join the CIFS service to AD will it screw up any of the exports I already have (i.e try to do an AD authentication against them).

Also, does root and all the other local users still work? For instance if I want to continue to login to ssh as root?

From what I know there will no problem since CIFS is actually a completely separate process from the local users but I'm just checking if in fact a join to the AD will only condition CIFS access and not everything else.

Thanks in advance.





Adding CIFS shouldn't break anything in your NFS exports - unless you plan to share same volumes over both protocols. Well, it will still work, but the issue of assigning rights & restrictions from two different worlds may accidentally prevent access to a volume in question.

And one more thing from security perspective - if you do not trust your Windows domain admins, then do not join the domain: