Network and Storage Protocols

RBAC on OnTap8 > create local support group to allow CIFS management via MMC


Added api-cifs-* yet users can't open Shares via M$ MMC and get an error 5 Access Denied. Can provide what capabilities are enabled on the group (they use FilerView to create qtrees/shares, just want to mod share level permissions via MMC).





You usually need ‘power users’ group membership to manage shares via the MMC.

As I understand it there are hidden or embedded capabilities in the power users group that give you similar functionality to ‘Power users’ on a native windows platform.

Depending on the client software the users are running the MMC on they may also need read only access to the C$ share on the Filer (due to how some Windows clients work).

This is only a share level permission requirement and will not require NTFS rights on vol0 (assuming your vol0 has an NTFS security style).

I would point you to some knowledge base articles but I only have email access as I type this response.