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Route added automaticly ??



I have a strange issue regarding a ip route for a single host on my netapp.

A route for a single host is added automaticliy with " Link# " as gateway. But it's not a good route. This host is not in the same subnet as the netapp.

Normaly, to join this host, the default gateway should work. Instead of this, this strange route appear automaticly.

If I delete it and then ping the remote host, this route appear another time. If I delete it and then add manually a good route to send packet to the default gateway, it's work.

Someone now why this route come automaticly

The router separate the both subnet is a server free BSD based with two NICs




Does it still happen if you try to disable option ip.fastpath?


Is the system on any networks that utilize RIPv* and is routed on?  Per the manpage for routed:

"Routed is a daemon invoked at boot time to manage the network routing tables.  It uses Routing  Information  Protocol,  RIPv1  (RFC 1058),  RIPv2  (RFC 1723),  and Internet Router Discovery Protocol (RFC 1256) to maintain the  kernel  routing  table.   The  RIPv1 protocol is based on the reference BSD 4.3 daemon.

It listens on the udp socket for  the  route  service  for Routing  Information  Protocol  packets.  It also solicits multicast Router Discovery ICMP messages.

When started (or when a network interface is later  turned on),  routed  uses  an AF_ROUTE address family facility to find those directly connected interfaces  configured  into the  system and marked "up".  It adds necessary routes for the interfaces to the kernel routing  table.   Soon  after being  first  started,  and provided there is at least one interface on which  RIP  has  not  been  disabled,  routed deletes  all  pre-existing  non-static  routes  in  kernel table.  Static routes in the kernel table are preserved."

Could be a long shot but worth looking into real quick...