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SMVI - Exclude datastores/volumes from backup job?



We're running ESX3.5U3, NFS datastores (ONTAP 7.3.1) and SMVI 1.0.1

I can't figure out a way to configure the backup jobs to do what I want. Here's the scenario:

Ten virtual machines, half of which have one disk, half of which have two disks, residing on two different datastores (= volumes accessed via NFS).

     Disk #1 on datastore SYS (10 virtual machines)

     Disk #2 on datastore DATA (5 virtual machines)

I want to create a backup job that ONLY creates snapshots of the datastore DATA, not SYS.

I do NOT want to configure the disks on SYS to be Independent.

If I in SVMI create a backup specification containing the 5 virtual machines having disks on DATA snapshots are taken of both DATA and SYS. This seems logical.

If I instead create a backup specification containing the datastore DATA i get the same result, i.e. snapshots are taken of both DATA and SYS. This is not what I want...

Is there any way to exclude datastores from a backup job?





VIBE allows you to do this today, FYI.



Thanks Matt,

Looks like I'll have to use VIBE anyway. We want to integrate with SnapVault and SV-SMVI can't handle datastores on different filers in the same backup.

I see that VIBE have some support for SnapVault so I'll try it out.





SMVI 2.0, next version, will address this.



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