Network and Storage Protocols

SVM running CIFS with multiple LIFS


We have an SVM acting as a file server on our domain running CIFS

It has been configured with multiple LIFS on different subnets.


It's occasionally complaining that it can't connect via LDAP to the Domain Controlllers even though one of the LIFS is on the same subnet as the DCs.


My question is which LIF will it use to contact the DCs...any of them?



Thanks for the link.


According to the TR-4182 doc it could also be the SVMs management LIF



But is there any logic in how it decides which order to try and connect to DCs fo instance it's not clear whether it trys the management LIF first?


Are we saying that I need to ensure all of the LIFS can talk to the DCs?



i think it should be normal routing table. as example we have lifs on subnets without ad comunication and use local account or guest for this special usecase. 

We have no issues on the other cifs lifs there on normal active directory site. But we only habe a configured gateway on data and mngt lif.