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Security Tab on Standard CIFS Share but not on Hidden Share and auto folder creation not working



  I have a bit of an issue, well two.  I create a share on our FAS2240 running in 7 Mode and then mount the share as a drive on a windows 2008r2 server and can see the security tab and make changes as I see fit.  Howevef, when I create a hidden share the same way just adding a $ after the share name and then mount it on the same server I cannot see the security tab.  Does anyone know why?

  The share will be used for folder redirection and normall when you create the new user account and login as the user for the first time it creates the folder for the new user however you specified in the user account.  That is not working in either scenario?

  Any ideas?







Just checking, is the qtree security mode for the volume NTFS?


What would be the permissions listed for the hidden share on the filer?