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Security permission issue mounting NFS to MAC OS lion


Hi Folks:

I have an issue mounting NFS exported folder to MAC OS lion and I get security permission error .

Here is the scenario , I want to provide access to the same file both from Linux and MAC systems , I have created a Volume ( Unix style ) and Qtree ( Unix style ) and now only the Unix system have access to it and when I 'm trying to mount it to my MAC system I get the security permission error .

Any Help ?




What are your export options?  How are you trying to mount it in OSX (eg via Finder or command line)?  Is the permissions error when trying to mount, or does it mount OK, but you can't access the mounted filesystem?



Hi Craig

I did exported via NFS , in client permission for export I have checked the Kerberos 5 ( I did try it with no kerberos and also didnt work) , I m trying to mount in via Finder , I get the error immoderately once I press connect in Finder. I dont know weather it's mounted or not because it gives error from the begining but I thing it has not even mounted.

OK, can you provide the export options used, ie output of exportfs.  Do you get any messages in the console on the OSX side?

/vol/testvol/test1      -sec=sys,rw,sec=none,rw,root=administrator,anon=0,sec=krb5,rw,anon=0

if you mean any other option please let me know but this is the output of exportfs


Is 'administrator' a host name or netgroup name in your environment?