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Snapdrive 6.2 - Luns will not enumerate


Our situation is that we have 4 servers running iSCSI interface and all have snapdrive 6.2. On one server only all the mapped drives appear and work but when you run Snapdrive and expand the "disks" the page is completely blank. On the other servers you get a list of drives and luns but on this one, all attached to the same NetApp san, it is blank. I am suspecting an iSCSI issue but before I go off into a voyage of discovery has anyone experienced this and how would people suggest I troubleshoot this issue?




Some of the basic trouble shooting ideas:

1. Check whether you have added the filer details in Transport protocol settings.

2. Check in the disk management whether you are able to see the disks. If you are unable to see the disks then check you ISCSI connection.

3. Check whether you have the ISCSI session established from that particular host to the filer.

Hope this helps you to trouble shoot your problem.




Hi Steve,

it may not be an ISCSI maybe something like a SnapDrive rights issue etc...

what i would try as a test, is see if from that server you can create a LUN on your filers, this will show that we are getting SD comms...if not then the problem may be elsewhere...not saying its not an ISCSI issue, but the fact that you can see the LUNS on the server...would suggest they communicate and this is more a SD anomaly...