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Snapshot space restriction and Audit on specific Volume or share



Can we enable Audit on CIFS for specific share or volume rather than all CIFS access.

Also I want to restrict space for snapshot on a volume to certain percentage. As I have seen in default, if a volume is of 100GB with 20% snapshot definition.

If user has used 60 GB of space and data changes in this drive very quickly, the snaphot size will be large and then it takes space more than allocated 20%. Thus if data is deleted to create space in volume, it does not become available as free space. Is there a way to restrict it to certain size and it should remove old snapshot if new has to be created as in First In First Out.


Thanks and Regards,

Yasir Irfat




As im aware it cannot be done straightforward.You can set the fractional reserve to 100% so the write never fails and snapshot fails.

or you can check the data change rate and reduce the snapshot retention so your snapshot does not go above 20% and write will not fail.



Hi kumaraysun,

I don't want snapshot to fail rather remove old snapshot if snapshot reserved space gets full. I got it configured through "snap autodelete" command for specific volume.


Yasir Irfat