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Third-level folders in CIFS share appear as files (not accessible)



Please see the screenshot in attachment... all third level folders appear not as a folder to open and see inside, but as a file and you can't do anything with it. What could be the reason for this?

This happened on a new FAS2020, which substitutes and old FAS250. All the data was moved to the new one, volumes, Qtrees and shares are the same between both machines. But maybe I'm missing some settings somewhere.



Do these "files" appear as folders through the command-line (cmd) ?  I have seen something similar before when there is a special hidden file in the parent folder that changes the type of the file/folder.  If they still appear as files on the command-line, then something probably went wrong with your copy operation. Ensure that your new qtrees are have the NTFS security style.


how was the data moved?

If you can afford to stop cifs, then probably best to use ndmpcopy.

I think the process is how it was moved.

Also what versions of DOT are you running of FAS250 and new FAS2020?