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Track NAS Clients - Is there a NetApp Tool?


Recently during a conversation with my manager regarding VMware Infrastructure Navigator he asked me if there was a comparable NetApp tool. I said I'd look into it. I'm not aware of a similar tool that would track all the dependencies of CIFS/NFS shares or volumes for all the NAS clients within the enterprise. I'm aware of most of the command line tools that i could use to check the sessions or clients or network connectivity to the vfiler, node or SVM but not sure if there is a tool for this in the NetApp suite of tools.  I'm wondering how everyone else keeps track of what is talking to the filers before a migration to new heads etc. Thank you for your wisdome and assistance. 







Please refer KB

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Tthank you for the reply Sahana. Unfortunately I received "Permission Denied" when trying to access the link via IE or Chrome. Perhaps I don't have access to the KB article? Thank you again for any help or insight you can provide.