Network and Storage Protocols

Tracking NAS Clients


We are in the process of consolidating steps to identify NAS client’s accessing NetApp systems (in both 7-mode & CDOT)

I’ am reaching out to this forum to find out tools / scripts / adhoc commands, used to trace NAS clients (NFS& CIFS) during a maintenance window or data moves for smooth transition of clients to access moved data etc

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Prashanth N



Typically when I retire a system (7-mode) I use the following to see who is mounting it:



cifs top -n

This isn't as easy in cluster mode. I know GX we could list clients by node:

network connections active show-clients (probably exact, or very similar to cluster mode) I don't know about cifs, as we've never used it on GX. I assume this should show cifs connections as well.

However this does not say anything about what it is mounting (volume, vserver etc) I do hope we get a feature by vsverver or by node/ip similar to nfsstat on Cluster mode. This was a very bad

Another tool is nfdump/sflow/nfdump/netflow. Course this is external to the Netapp, but should help you in identifying potential clients.