Network and Storage Protocols

Using multiple LDAPs in single SVM


Hello. We have an SVM that we would like to run NFSv4 on with UNIX LDAP authentication (No Windows AD avaialble for this). The trick is that we would like to have NFS on the SVM be able to authenticate to both a test and production LDAP (we have test and prod NFS mounts) at the same time. I've poured over all the documents I can find and been back and forth with support, but can't find a straight answer. Can this be done and if so can someone let me know how or point me to the instructions? Thanks.


I think it depends on where those directories are located and whether their content is overlapping or not. You can specify multiple servers and search DNs. For search DNs it should continue if nothing is found in the first one, but as far as I understand multiple servers are for failover. I.e. if test and production are on different servers it probably cannot be done.