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VFM ME Best Practice-6.1.1_DFS implementation


We will install VFM ME edition for CIFS migration only, would like to know best practice of DFS implementation, if required. Do you recommend using DFS to access data on Netapp as an overall mamangemt best practice considering that our main objective of using VFM ME is for CIFS migration ONLY.



I would recommend to use DFS and access data on NetApp.

The advantages for future growth(data and users) would be that you can upgrade to VFM EE which wil help you manage this existing DFS environment and using global namespace management policy, simplfy management of namespace (create new shares, backup & restore namespace, etc)

With the upgrade to EE you can use policies for

1> Storage Tiering


3> Reporting on shares/files

4> Migration and replication

One management tool that can automate all the scenarios


Again as you already would know you dont need DFS for migration but in case you plan to have a management tool for the above scenarios then I do recommend DFS and upgrade to EE