Network and Storage Protocols

VFM Server with Multiple Interfaces


I have a customer that has a VFM server with 3 interfaces.  2 of these connections are connected to the same network as the filer's CIFS network.  The other is connected to the filer's Snapmirror network.  The customer wants to virtualize the VFM server but their VM's have no connection to the SM network.  Now in order to manage SM does the VFM server need to be connected to the SM network?

I could see this going both ways, thus my dilemma... SM is identified by filername-interface.  However I could see how it might be possible to just need a connection to the filer and VFM is smart enough to figure out there are in fact SMs on the filer. 

The VFM troublshooting guide says "Note:  VFM does not support automatic creation of SnapMirrors on separate network interfaces other than the primary interface used by VFM to communicate with the filers."

What exactly they mean by 'automatic' I am not sure.

Anyway, if there are any VFM experts out there, you help is much appreciated!



any VFM gurus out there?

Now taking best guesses!



When VFM is moved to VM it can be made to work. Check out attached KB on how to set it up.


thanks!  We'll give this a shot and let you know how it goes.