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What CIFS Terminate command for a volume does ???


Hi Guys,


Here is my question, what "cifs terminate -v vol_name" does?, my understanding is that will terminate/kill cifs connection for all shares inside the volume "vol_name", is this correct ??, i am asking because i am going to migrate a cifs volume from aggr1 to aggr2, i already have snapmirror replication in place but i want to make sure after i enter "CIFS Terminate -v vol_name" no shares will reconnect until i enter "CIFS restart" for that volume.


What i need to confirm is, after i enter "CIFS Terminate" cmd no shares will be re-connect until i restart cifs services for a volume ??



Thanks in advance.







You can refer the below KB article, which explains about how to terminate CIFS in Data ONTAP 7-Mode for a particular volume or close a specified CIFS session in clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 without affecting other CIFS accessibility,




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Thanks for your replay, i am aware in how to do it, that was not my question, before i came here i did my research and came accross this KB, i am asking because i am confused a netapp consultant ( with more than 1000 cifs migrations - as he says) told me that CIFS terminate cmd will terminate the share but if a client try to connect again the share goes up, my question is if the cifs terminate cmd will terminate/kill all the shares inside a volume or not?. 


my understanding is that after you enter the "cifs terminate -v vol1" cmd all the shares inside the volume "vol1" stop and they will be up again until you run "cifs restart -v vol1" or reboot the controller, is this correct??, that is all i need to know.


In OCSM you have the option to "STOP" - "START"  the share at a volume level, will this be the same as "cifs terminate -v vol1" - "cifs restart -v vol1 ???? (Using vol1 as example)


Thanks in advance.