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Why did Netapp remove "Showmount -a" capability in CDOT?


In 7mode I was able to list all of the active host NFS connections for exports using the showmount -a command.  However, there is no command in CDOT that will give me the same output.  This is a critical command used for understanding who is connected to what NFS export.  Why would Netapp choose to remove such a useful command in CDOT?  If anyone can let me know what I can do in CDOT to list host connected to specific exports, I would be extremely happy.



This has been a gripe for a while now sadly. 


check out 

network connections active show -service nfs


 And here:


As well as page 59 here:


showmount -e should work even with cluster but unlike 7-Mode you have to use data LIF IP address. In 7-mode you can use IP or name of node but as in cluster mode clust name or vserver name are logical entitiy which does not own any IP rather LIF owns an IP so use LIF IP address. 


> showmount -e lif-IP