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Why does NFS server (NetApp) return only "delete" access in Proc = reply?


Export entry on filer (v7.2.4)

/vol/agentvol/p6 -sec=sys,(ruleid=499),ro=thor14,rw=thor13,root=thor13:thor14,anon=65535

After I mount the above qtree using

mount -o vers=3,proto=tcp,rw,root netapp2:/vol/agentvol/p6 /p6


uname -a

SunOS thor13 5.10 Generic_118822-11 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V210

and do a ls /p6, I get a permission denied error

snoop on the nfs traffic reveals that the filer is not sending read,lookup, modify,extend in the access

What do I need to correct? see attachment for entre snoop output for cases where ls works and does not. Both filers (netapp2 and netapp3 are 7.2.4)

(File : netapp3lsworks - qtree with similar export can be mounted and browsed

File : perm_denied - ls error because of the behavior described above




NFS: Proc = 4 (Check access permission)

NFS: Status = 0 (OK)

NFS: Post-operation attributes:

NFS: File type = 2 (Directory)

NFS: Mode = 0777

NFS: Setuid = 0, Setgid = 0, Sticky = 0

NFS: Owner's permissions = rwx

NFS: Group's permissions = rwx

NFS: Other's permissions = rwx

NFS: Link count = 3, User ID = 0, Group ID = 0

NFS: File size = 4096, Used = 4096

NFS: Special: Major = 0, Minor = 0

NFS: File system id = 2768531378, File id = 4122

NFS: Last access time = 18-Apr-08 21:44:58.162456000 GMT

NFS: Modification time = 18-Apr-08 21:44:58.162456000 GMT

NFS: Attribute change time = 18-Apr-08 21:44:58.162456000 GMT


NFS: Access = delete




what type is the qtree p6? Is CIFS enabled on this server?


cifs is enabled on the filer. Does it need to be enabled on the solaris client machine mounting the qtree as well?

should the qtree type be changed from ntfs to unix ?



You likely are experiencing a number of problems due to an NFS mount accessing an NTFS qtree

Check the following KB articles as it covers your problem a bit and includes some solutions.

If it is as simple as a cut and dry changing the mount from NTFS to Unix, that migt handle it, but do account for any data (if any) you have in the qtree.

Copying files from Linux / UNIX host to a filer's NTFS qtree gives error messages

Can I set UNIX style permissions from an NFS mount on an NTFS qtree?

NFS user gets "permission denied" when accessing an NTFS qtree

Hopefully this addresses and helps explain your problem


Christopher Kusek