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Widelink implementation - pointing CIFS share to Windows Share


I have a CIFS share on my FAS2040 that I want to migrate to a Windows Server. on the NetApp side the path is /vol/CIFS_VOL_Test./share On the windows side the UNC is \\server\test. I have created the file /etc/symlink.translations file and placed the following entry in it:


widelink /vol/CIFS_VOL_Test/share/* \\server\test\*


I have widelink enabled on the volume containing the share. When I display CIFS Shares the cifs share in question displays the following:


... widelinks supported
... strict symlink security disabled




when I access the cifs share on the netapp is does not redirect. What steps, if any, am I missing? 


Thank you for your assistance. 



I suspect you are missing the symlink.  The tranlations file tells the storage system how to tranlate the target path of a symlink into a path CIFS clients will understand.  In the widelink use case, the translated mapping is to a UNC path, but the translation only occurs when the CIFS client hits a symlink.



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thank you for your assistance. How do I go about implementing symlinks?