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Will Modifying Flow Control setting disrupt anything?


Hi folks - I have seen a few things on flow control but not really conclusive. Our filer is Connected over 10GbE and we are not see the performance of 10Gb. So we are trying to look at what the bottleneck is and trying to leave no stone un turned. I have seen a few docs on what we shoudl do for flow control on end points and the switches but I think that was written for 1Gb nics.

Anyhow if it was or wasnt it doesnt matter, the main question i have is - if I wanted to change the setting on our nics on our 6280 from full to off, would I be interupting network access to the filer? Will there be any blips or something I will nto be able to recover from? Is making the change on flow control a non event? Our Netapp engineer said to go ahead and turn it off but was not aware if I would have any disruptions when doing so.




From my experience, modifying the flowcontrol setting causes a brief disruption to network traffic.


Yes – I meant to get back to the group – since all I heard were crickets ..

I performed this and there was a brief blip for when the interface came back up. I suppose I should of expected that.


We are having multimode VIF , which is been mainly used for NFS . Going to set the flow control as none .

i hope it didnt affect since its a multimode . could someone please confirm,