Network and Storage Protocols

Will the hardware upgrades required to pay attention to the project have?


I want to migrate hardware form fas270c(Data Ontap 7.2.4) to fas3140A(Data Ontap 7.3.3).

In fas270c, Using CIFS & NFS protocol, and these protocol has join in AD & NIS.

I want to use SnapMirror license to  migrate Data.

I would like to backup configuration the transfer to fas3140A on from fas270c.

What do I need to back up the /etc files, can be a full backup CIFS & NFS & quota setting & network settings, etc.

And, I need careful something?

Trouble you help, please, thanks everybody^^


Because hardware space is not enough. My boss want to upgrade Controller & shelf, and the fas270c & shelf want take to other case using. ^^

Can any one can help me this questions?@@ ~~~ Please ~thx everyone!!



Why not perform a headupgrade? Usually a lot simpeler than having to recreate a filer one configfile at a time